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Street-Lite LED2 (400m2)

The Street-Lite LED2 is a stand-alone, self-powered solar lighting tower designed for versatile outdoor illumination. Equipped with high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, this eco-friendly lighting solution harnesses solar energy to power its bright LED lights, providing reliable illumination without the need for external power sources. The LED2 features an adjustable mast that extends up to 5.5 metres, offering customizable lighting angles to cover large areas effectively. Its built-in battery system ensures continuous operation during nighttime and cloudy conditions, while the rugged, weather-resistant design ensures durability in harsh environments. Ideal for construction sites, events, and emergency situations, the Street-Lite LED2 delivers efficient, sustainable lighting wherever it’s needed.


400 m2

Lighting Head

1 x 40W + 1 X 15W LED

Max Mast Height

5.5 m

Length (operated)

1.5 m

Width (operated)

0.76 m

Wind Stability

70 mph

Weight (inc. Fuel)

280 kg

DT-9 LED8 (5000m2)
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Street-Lite LED2 – Spec Sheet
Street-Lite LED2 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure