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Mini-Lite LED4 (2600m2)

The Mini-Lite LED4 Mobile Diesel Lighting Tower is a versatile and efficient solution for your portable lighting needs. Equipped with four high-efficiency LED lights, each producing 30,000 lumens, this lighting tower ensures superior illumination across a wide area, making it ideal for construction sites, events, and emergency situations. The unit is powered by a reliable diesel engine with a 70-hour runtime on a single tank, ensuring long-lasting performance without frequent refuelling. Its compact design, featuring a retractable mast that extends up to 5.5 metres, allows for easy transport and setup, while the rugged, weather-resistant build ensures durability in all conditions. Additional features include a 360-degree rotating head for optimal light distribution and simple, user-friendly controls, making the Mini-Lite LED4 an essential asset for any demanding outdoor lighting application.


2600 m2

Lighting Head

4 x 200W LED

Max Mast Height

5.5 m

Length (operated)

1.63 m

Width (operated)

1.22 m

Wind Stability

70 mph

Weight (inc.fuel)

441 kg

DT-9 LED8 (5000m2)
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Mini-Lite LED4 – Spec Sheet
Mini-Lite LED4 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure