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Solartainer Power Source

Access Off-Grid, wherever and whenever you need it with Solartainer, which is a greener system that reduces fuel and emissions by as much as 80% (compared to a conventional diesel generator). It uses integrated renewable power and storage, alongside a diesel-power back-up, to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, carbon footprint, and energy costs. The energy created by Solatainer’s PV solar panels during the day is harvested and stored in an on-board battery pack to fuel your site’s needs. The standby generator is configured to run only when batteries are depleted below a software-set limit, or when a demand spike occurs. A standard Solartainer setup includes a 4Kw PV array, 15Kw/h battery pack and 15Kw stand-by generator.


(lxwxh) 6.06 x 2.44 x 2.59 (m)


3092 kg

Maximum Power

25 KVA

Rated Power

20 Kw

Operating Range


Electricity Storage

15 – 100 kWh


From 400 Ah to 2000 Ah

Reduced CO2 Emissions


Annual saving


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Solartainer Power Source – Spec Sheet
Solartainer Power Source – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure