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JCB 525-60E Telehandler

The JCB 525-60E Telehandler is a versatile and powerful electric telescopic handler designed for efficiency and sustainability in various industrial and construction applications. It features a maximum lift capacity of 2,500 kg and a maximum lift height of 6 metres, making it ideal for handling heavy loads with precision. Equipped with a zero-emission electric drivetrain, the 525-60E offers quiet operation and reduces environmental impact without compromising performance. The telehandler includes advanced safety features such as a comprehensive load management system, intuitive controls, and exceptional visibility from the cab. Its robust construction, combined with easy maintenance access, ensures durability and reliability in demanding conditions. The JCB 525-60E is the perfect solution for those seeking a high-performance, eco-friendly telehandler that excels in manoeuvrability and lifting capabilities.

Operational Weight

5145 kg

Max Lift Capacity

2500 kg

Max Lift Height


Max Reach

3.5 m

Battery Power

24 kWh

Travel Speed

15 kph


1.89 m


1.84 m


3.38 m

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JCB 525-60E Telehandler – Spec Sheet
JCB 525-60E Telehandler – Spec Sheet
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