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ST-9 LED4 (2400m2)

The ST-9 LED4 Mobile Solar Lighting Tower is a robust and versatile lighting solution designed for demanding outdoor environments. Featuring four high-intensity LED lamps, it delivers exceptional illumination with a total output of 200,000 lumens, ensuring bright and efficient lighting for large areas. It has been designed with British weather conditions in mind and is entirely eco friendly! The tower is powered by a reliable solar panel and its telescopic mast can extend up to 9 metres, providing wide coverage, while its 360-degree rotation capability allows for precise light direction. Built for durability, the ST-9 LED4 is equipped with heavy-duty tires and a weather-resistant enclosure, making it ideal for construction sites, events, and emergency situations.


2400 m2

Lighting Head

4 x 100W LED

Max Mast Height

9 m

Length (operated)

3.46 m

Width (operated)

4.17 m

Wind Stability

70 mph


1390 kg

DT-9 LED8 (5000m2)
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ST-9 LED4 – Spec Sheet
ST-9 LED4 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure