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SJIII 4632

Introducing the SJIII 4632 Scissor Lift, a robust and versatile solution for elevated work tasks. With a maximum platform height of 9.75 metres and a spacious platform capacity of 318 kg, this lift ensures efficient and safe access to elevated areas. Equipped with a reliable electric drive system, it offers smooth operation and zero emissions, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications alike. Its compact design and intuitive controls enable easy manoeuvrability, while the sturdy construction guarantees stability even on uneven surfaces. The SJIII 4632 Scissor Lift is the ultimate tool for enhancing productivity and safety in various industries, from construction and maintenance to warehouse operations and beyond.

Work Height

11.58 m

Raised Platform Height

9.75 m

Lowered Platform Height

1.23 m

Overall Width

1.17 m

Overall Length

2.31 m

Stowed Height

2.24 m


2302 kg


318 kg

SJ9250 RT
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SJ4632 – Spec Sheet
SJ4632 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure