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SJIII 3226

Introducing the SJIII 3226 Scissor Lift, a versatile and robust solution for your elevated work needs. With a maximum platform height of 7.92 metres and a platform capacity of 227 kg, this compact yet powerful lift offers ample space and strength to tackle various tasks. Its proportional controls provide smooth and precise manoeuvrability, enhancing operator efficiency and safety. Equipped with a roll-out extension deck, it expands the working area to accommodate larger projects. The SJIII 3226 boasts a sturdy steel frame construction, ensuring durability in challenging work environments. Whether it’s maintenance, installation, or construction work, this scissor lift delivers reliable performance and ease of use, making it an indispensable asset for any job site.

Work Height

9.75 m

Raised Platform Height

7.92 m

Lowered Platform Height

1.14 m

Overall Width

0.81 m

Overall Length

2.32 m

Stowed Height

2.15 m


1876 kg


227 kg

SJ9250 RT
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SJIII 3226 – Spec Sheet
SJIII 3226 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure