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SJ6832 RTE

The SJ6832 RTE Scissor Lift is a high-performance, eco-friendly solution designed for versatile aerial work applications. This fully electric, rough terrain scissor lift boasts an impressive working height of 11.57m and a platform capacity of 454 kg, allowing for multiple operators and equipment. Featuring 4×4 wheel drive, robust all-terrain tires, and a durable steel frame, the SJ6832 RTE excels in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its zero-emission operation and silent electric motor make it ideal for noise-sensitive areas and green construction sites. Equipped with a spacious 2.34 m platform and an extendable deck for increased reach, this scissor lift ensures efficiency and safety in elevated work tasks.

Work Height

11.57 m

Raised Platform Height

9.75 m

Lowered Platform Height

1.37 m

Overall Width

1.76 m

Overall Length

3.35 m

Stowed Height

2.51 m


3845 kg


454 kg

SJ9250 RT
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SJ6832 RTE – Spec Sheet
SJ6832 RTE – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure