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SJIII 4626

Introducing the SJIII 4626 Scissor Lift, an exceptional solution for elevated work platforms, engineered for superior performance and safety. With a maximum platform height of 7.92 metres and a generous lifting capacity of 454 kg, this robust machinery ensures efficiency and versatility in various industrial applications. Equipped with a spacious platform it provides ample room for workers and tools, enhancing productivity on the job. Featuring proportional controls for smooth operation, and a reliable electric drive system, this scissor lift guarantees precise manoeuvrability and reduced downtime. Designed with safety as a top priority, it boasts features such as pothole protection and tilt sensors, ensuring stability and peace of mind for operators.

Work Height

9.75 m

Raised Platform Height

7.92 m

Lowered Platform Height

1.14 m

Overall Width

1.17 m

Overall Length

2.31 m

Stowed Height

1.79 m


2132 kg


454 kg

SJ9250 RT
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SJIII4626 – Spec Sheet
SJIII4626 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure