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SIP Fireball 2261DV (66.2 kW)

The SIP Fireball 2261DV Propane Space Heater is a robust and efficient heating solution, ideal for various industrial and commercial spaces. This heater boasts a powerful heat output of 61,500 BTU, capable of warming large areas swiftly and effectively. Designed for durability, it features a sturdy steel construction and a direct vent system, ensuring safe and efficient operation. The Fireball 2261DV operates on propane, offering convenience and portability, with an easy ignition system and adjustable heat settings to meet diverse heating needs. Safety is a priority with built-in overheat and flame-out protection. Compact and lightweight, this heater is easy to transport and store, making it a versatile choice for workshops, garages, and other demanding environments.


0.70 m


0.35 m


0.58 m


17 kg


230V or 110V

Heat Output

66.2 kW

Heating Area

1517 m3

Arcotherm Jumbo 235M Heater (216 kW)
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SIP Fireball 2261DV – Spec Sheet 1
SIP Fireball 2261DV – Spec Sheet 1
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Download Brochure