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Arcotherm GW32 (31 kW) heater

The Arcotherm GW32 31KW Heater is a powerful and efficient heating solution designed for industrial and commercial spaces. Boasting a robust 31 kW output, this heater delivers rapid warmth to large areas, making it ideal for warehouses, workshops, and construction sites. The GW32 features an advanced stainless steel combustion chamber, ensuring durability and optimal heat transfer. Equipped with a built-in thermostat, it offers precise temperature control, enhancing energy efficiency. The heater is designed for easy mobility with sturdy wheels and handles, and it operates on propane gas, ensuring clean and consistent heat. Safety features include an automatic shut-off mechanism and flame failure device, making the Arcotherm GW32 a reliable choice for demanding environments.


0.52 m


0.52 m


0.67 m


18 kg


230 V

Heat Output

31.4 kW


Space Heater

Arcotherm Jumbo 235M Heater (216 kW)
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Arcotherm GW32 31KW heater – Spec Sheet
Arcotherm GW32 31KW heater – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure