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PHOEN 110V heater (106 kW)

Introducing the PHOEN 110 heater, a powerhouse of warmth designed to conquer the chilliest of environments with its impressive 106 kW heating capacity. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, this heater is ideal for large industrial and commercial spaces, swiftly transforming cold areas into cosy havens. Equipped with robust construction and advanced safety features, including flame failure protection and overheat sensors, the PHOEN ensures peace of mind during operation. Its compact design and ergonomic handles make transportation and setup hassle-free, while its adjustable thermostat allows precise temperature control. With its unparalleled performance, the PHOEN 110 heater stands as the ultimate solution for heating demands in demanding environments.


1.91 m


0.73 m


1.22 m


174 kg


230 V

Heat Output

106 kW

Arcotherm Jumbo 235M Heater (216 kW)
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PHOEN 110V heater (106 kW) – Spec Sheet
PHOEN 110V heater (106 kW) – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure