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SIP fireball 1071DV (31.4 kW)

exceptional heating performance for a variety of applications. Boasting a robust 31.4 kW output, this heater is designed to tackle even the coldest of environments with ease. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while its compact size and convenient wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability and transportation. Equipped with dual voltage capabilities, the SIP Fireball 1071DV offers flexibility, catering to both 110V and 230V power supplies, making it suitable for a wide range of settings. Featuring built-in safety mechanisms such as a flame failure device and overheat protection, this heater prioritises user safety without compromising on efficiency. Whether used in construction sites, workshops, or outdoor events, the SIP Fireball 1071DV stands as a reliable and powerful heating solution.


0.54 m


0.32 m


0.32 m


12.45 kg


230 V or 110 V

Heat Output

31.4 kW

Heating Area

718 mtr3

Arcotherm Jumbo 235M Heater (216 kW)
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SIP fireball 1071DV – Spec Sheet
SIP fireball 1071DV – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure