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RX 70 8.0 t (8T)

Introducing the RX 70 8.0 t (8T) forklift, a hybrid powerhouse of efficiency and reliability designed to tackle the toughest of lifting tasks with ease. Equipped with a robust 8.0 ton lifting capacity, this forklift is built to handle heavy loads effortlessly, making it ideal for demanding industrial environments. Its advanced ergonomics ensure operator comfort and safety, while the intuitive controls guarantee precise handling and manoeuvrability. Featuring a durable construction and innovative engineering that uses a combination of diesel-electric drive and powerful industrial engines ensures high availability, long service life and low operating costs, the RX 70 8.0 t (8T) forklift promises exceptional performance and longevity, making it the perfect solution for maximising productivity in any warehouse or distribution centre.

Max Capacity

8000 kg

Max Lift Height

8.45 m

Travel Speed

20 km/h


2.71 m

Mast Height (extended)

4.24 m


4.8 m


1.98 m

RCD 18 t (18T)
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RX 70 8.0 t (8T) – Spec Sheet
RX 70 8.0 t (8T) – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure