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RCD-RCG 15 (1.5T)

The RCD/RCG 15 (1.5T) Forklift is a versatile and powerful lifting solution designed to meet the demanding needs of various industrial applications. This robust forklift boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 1500 kg, making it ideal for handling heavy loads with ease. Powered by a reliable engine, it features advanced hydraulic systems for smooth and precise lifting operations. The forklift is equipped with a durable mast that provides excellent visibility and stability, ensuring safe and efficient handling of materials. Additionally, it offers a comfortable operator cabin with ergonomic controls, enhancing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. With its compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability, the RCD/RCG 15 (1.5T) Forklift is perfect for use in confined spaces and busy warehouses.

Max Capacity

1500 kg

Max Lift Height

6 m

Travel Speed

17 km/h


2.02 m

Mast Height (extended)

4.04 m


3.28 m


1.14 m

RCD 18 t (18T)
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