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RX 70 5.0t (5T)

Introducing the Diesel forklift truck RX 70 5.0t, a powerhouse designed to elevate your heavy lifting operations to new heights. With a robust 5.0 ton lifting capacity, this forklift is built to tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease. Its powerful diesel engine ensures reliable performance, while advanced ergonomic features prioritise operator comfort and safety. Equipped with a durable chassis and precision controls, manoeuvring heavy loads becomes effortless. Whether you’re navigating tight warehouse spaces or loading/unloading cargo outdoors, the Diesel forklift truck RX 70 5.0t delivers unmatched efficiency and productivity, making it the ultimate solution for your material handling needs.

Max Capacity

4999 kg

Max Lift Height

7.18 m

Travel Speed

21 km/h


2.4 m

Mast Height (extended)

4.18 m


4.09 m


1.50 m

RCD 18 t (18T)
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RX 70 5.0t (5T) – Spec Sheet
RX 70 5.0t (5T) – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure