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Niftylift HR21 (20.70m)

The Niftylift HR21 is a versatile and robust hybrid articulated boom lift designed for optimal performance in a range of environments. Featuring a working height of 20.7 metres and an outreach of 12.6, this innovative machine offers an impressive lift capacity of up to 225 kilograms. Powered by a combination of a fuel-efficient diesel engine and a cutting-edge electric motor, the HR21 provides exceptional efficiency and reduced emissions. It also boasts a compact and lightweight design, ensuring ease of transport and manoeuvrability in confined spaces. Equipped with a versatile 180-degree platform rotation, the HR21 guarantees precise positioning and enhanced productivity, making it an ideal choice for a variety of construction, maintenance, and industrial applications.

Work Weight

20.70 m

Platform Height

18.70 m

Horizontal Reach

12.60 m

Lift Capacity

225 kg

Platform Size

1.8 m x 0.7 m


6.25 m


2.25 m


2.15 m

Skyjack SJ85AJ (27.74m)
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Niftylift HR21 – Spec Sheet
Niftylift HR21 – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure