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Niftylift HR15N (15.5m)

The Niftylift HR15N is a compact, efficient, and versatile self-propelled boom lift designed for optimal performance in tight spaces. This hybrid model features a maximum working height of 15.5 metres and a maximum horizontal reach of 9.7 metres, making it ideal for various indoor and outdoor tasks. The HR15N boasts a narrow chassis with a width of just 1.5 metres, allowing it to navigate through confined areas with ease. Equipped with a 180° cage rotation and a 150° fly boom arc, it provides exceptional manoeuvrability and precision. Powered by a hybrid engine, it combines the benefits of electric and diesel power for extended operation and reduced emissions, ensuring both eco-friendliness and cost efficiency.

Work Weight

15.5 m

Platform Height

13.5 m

Horizontal Reach

9.7 m

Lift Capacity

225 kg

Platform Size

0.8 m x 1.5 m


6.4 m


1.5 m


1.99 m

Skyjack SJ85AJ (27.74m)
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