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Genie Z45 (15.94m)

The Genie Z-45/25J DC is a versatile electric articulating boom lift designed for both indoor and outdoor tasks, offering emission-free operation with minimal noise. It features a working height of 15.94 m and a horizontal reach of 7.65 m, allowing access to difficult-to-reach areas. The lift has a jib with a 135-degree range of motion for added manoeuvrability and precise positioning. With a platform capacity of 227 kg, it supports multiple workers and tools. The Z-45/25J DC is powered by a 48V DC electric system, ensuring efficient performance and reduced environmental impact, making it ideal for sensitive job sites.

Work Weight

15.94 m

Platform Height

13.94 m

Horizontal Reach

7.65 m

Lift Capacity

227 kg

Platform Size

0.76 m X 1.83 m

Stowed Length

6.83 m

Stowed Width

1.79 m

Stowed Height

2.0 m

Skyjack SJ85AJ (27.74m)
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GENIE Z45 – Spec Sheet
GENIE Z45 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure