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MGTP 60 60KVA Diesel

Introducing the MGTP 60, a robust 60 kVA Diesel generator designed to deliver reliable power whenever and wherever you need it. With a powerful engine capable of producing 60 kVA of continuous power, this generator is perfect for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Equipped with advanced safety features, including automatic shutdown in case of low oil pressure or overheating, the MGTP 60 ensures uninterrupted operation and peace of mind. Its compact design and soundproof enclosure make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, while its fuel-efficient technology guarantees long hours of operation on a single tank of diesel. Whether you’re powering a construction site, a data centre, or emergency backup for your home, the MGTP 60 is your reliable source of energy.


83 HP (60 kVA)

Engine Speed

1500 RPM




2.16 m


1.07 m


1.76 m

Weight (Wet)

1750 kg

MGTP 160 160KVA Diesel
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MGTP 60 60KVA Diesel – Spec Sheet
MGTP 60 60KVA Diesel – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure