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MG 5000 5KVA Petrol

Introducing the MG 5000, your reliable powerhouse for uninterrupted energy supply. With a robust 5KVA capacity, this petrol generator ensures ample power to keep your essential appliances running smoothly during outages or outdoor adventures. Equipped with a durable 4-stroke engine, it delivers consistent performance with minimal noise and vibration. Featuring a fuel tank capacity of 15.5 litres, the MG 5000 offers an extended runtime, perfect for extended power needs. Its compact design and sturdy wheels make it easily portable, while the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) technology ensures stable output for sensitive electronics. Whether you’re powering up your home, worksite, or recreational activities, the MG 5000 is your trusted companion for dependable energy on demand.


8.5 HP (5 kVA)

Engine Speed

3000 RPM




0.71 m


0.51 m


0.60 m

Weight (Wet)

82 kg

MGTP 160 160KVA Diesel
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MG 5000 5KVA Petrol
MG 5000 5KVA Petrol
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