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MGTP 160 160KVA Diesel

Introducing the MGTP 160, a robust diesel generator engineered to deliver reliable power solutions for a myriad of applications. Boasting a power output of 160 kVA, this generator ensures uninterrupted performance, whether for industrial, commercial, or residential needs. Equipped with a high-performance diesel engine, the MGTP 160 guarantees efficiency and durability even under heavy loads. Its advanced control panel allows for seamless monitoring of key metrics, ensuring optimal performance and safety. With a rugged build and enhanced weatherproofing, it withstands the harshest of environments, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The MGTP 160 diesel generator is the epitome of reliability, efficiency, and performance, setting the standard for power generation solutions.


215 HP (160 kVA)

Engine Speed

1500 RPM




3.27 m


1.35 m


1.94 m

Weight (Wet)

2850 kg

MGTP 160 160KVA Diesel
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MGTP 160 160KVA Diesel – Spec Sheet
MGTP 160 160KVA Diesel – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure