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JCB18Z-1 (1.8T)

Introducing the JCB18Z-1, a compact and powerful mini excavator designed to tackle a variety of tasks with ease. Equipped with a reliable 12.2 kW engine, this machine boasts impressive performance while maintaining fuel efficiency. Its operating weight of 1.8 tonnes ensures stability and manoeuvrability, ideal for navigating tight job sites. With a maximum digging depth of 2.58 metres and a reach of 4.04 metres, the JCB18Z-1 excels in both depth and range, making it perfect for excavation and trenching projects. Featuring a comfortable and intuitive operator station, operators can work efficiently for extended periods without fatigue. Additionally, its robust construction ensures durability, guaranteeing years of reliable service. Whether it’s landscaping, construction, or utility work, the JCB18Z-1 is the perfect companion for any job.

Operating Weight

1749 kg


3.55 m


0.98 m

Cab Height

2.34 m

Max Digging Depth

2.58 m

Max Reach

4.04 m

Engine Output

12.2 kW

JCB 8008 Micro (1T)
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JCB18Z-1 – Spec Sheet
JCB18Z-1 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure