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Hitatchi ZX19U (1.9T)

Unleash unparalleled efficiency with the Hitachi ZX19U compact excavator. Boasting a compact yet robust design, it manoeuvres effortlessly in confined spaces, driven by a powerful engine generating 18.2 horsepower. Equipped with a hydraulic system delivering impressive digging force and lifting capacity, it’s perfect for diverse tasks. With a maximum digging depth of 2.39 metres and a reach of 3.99 metres, this excavator ensures optimal performance in construction and landscaping projects. Ergonomic controls enhance operator comfort and productivity, making the ZX19U the ultimate choice for professionals.

Operating Weight

1800 kg


3540 mm


2380 mm

Max Digging Depth

2390 mm

Max Reach

3990 mm

Max Cutting Height

3640 mm

JCB 8008 Micro (1T)
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Hitachi ZX19U Spec Sheet
Hitachi ZX19U Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure