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Hitatchi ZX135 (13.5T)

The Hitachi ZX135 is a versatile and powerful medium-sized excavator designed for efficiency and durability on any job site. It boasts superior performance and fuel efficiency. With an operating weight of approximately 14,000 kilograms and a maximum dig depth of 7.79 metres, the ZX135 is built to handle demanding tasks with ease. The machine features a spacious cab with advanced controls and ergonomic design, providing maximum comfort for the operator. The ZX135 guarantees high productivity and reliable operation in various construction and excavation projects.

Operating Weight

14000 kg


7.97 m


2.49 m

Cab Height

2.79 m

Max Digging Depth

7.79 m

Max Reach

10.45 m

Engine Power

74 kW

JCB 8008 Micro (1T)
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Hitachi ZX135 Spec Sheet
Hitachi ZX135 Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure