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JCB CT 160-80 (1790kg)

The JCB CT 160-80 Roller is a robust and versatile machine designed for optimal performance in a variety of compaction applications. Featuring a drum width of 0.96 metres, this roller provides excellent coverage and uniform compaction. It is powered by a fuel-efficient 14.5kW (19.8hp) engine, ensuring reliable and powerful operation even in challenging conditions. The roller is equipped with a high-frequency vibration system for effective compaction on both asphalt and granular materials. With a maximum operating weight of 1790 kg, the JCB CT 160-80 offers stability and precision. Additional features include an ergonomic operator station for enhanced comfort and visibility, simplified maintenance access, and durable components designed to withstand rigorous use.


1790 kg


2.14 m


0.96 m


2.48 m

Drum Width

0.8 m

Compaction Rating (kN)

14.5 kW

Bomag 135 AD – 5 (4000kg)
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JCB CT 160-80 – Spec Sheet
JCB CT 160-80 – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure