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JCB VMT 260-120 (3050kg)

The JCB VMT 260-120 is a versatile and robust tandem vibratory roller, engineered for superior performance in asphalt compaction. It features a drum width of 1.2 metres, making it ideal for a variety of applications, from road construction to infrastructure maintenance. This model is equipped with a powerful 28 kW engine, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability. The VMT 260-120 boasts a dual amplitude and frequency setting, allowing operators to adjust the machine to different material types and thicknesses. Additionally, it includes an advanced operator’s platform with intuitive controls and excellent visibility, enhancing both comfort and safety. With its high centrifugal force and advanced vibratory system, this roller guarantees even and consistent compaction, making it a valuable asset for any construction fleet.


3050 kg


2.49 m


1.36 m


2.48 m

Drum Width

1.2 m

Engine Output

28 kW

Bomag 135 AD – 5 (4000kg)
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JCB VMT 260-120 – Spec Sheet
JCB VMT 260-120 – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure