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Wacker Neuson RTSC-2 – Remote Rammax (1497kg)

The WACKER NEUSON RTSC-2 is a versatile and robust trench roller designed for maximum compaction efficiency in challenging soil conditions. This remote-controlled machine features dual, articulating, and oscillating drums with a width of 0.38 metres, making it ideal for trench compaction and sub-base preparation. Powered by a reliable, fuel-efficient 15.5kW diesel engine, the RTSC-2 ensures powerful performance and extended operation time. The machine’s infrared remote control allows for safe and precise manoeuvring from a distance, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing safety. Additionally, the RTSC-2 is equipped with a maintenance-free lower end, an innovative exciter system, and a compact design that facilitates easy transport and manoeuvrability on site.


1497 kg


1.85 m


0.82 m


1.23 m

Drum Width

0.38 m

Engine Output

15.5 kW

Bomag 135 AD – 5 (4000kg)
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WACKER NUESON RT82SC-2 – spec sheet
WACKER NUESON RT82SC-2 – spec sheet
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Download Brochure