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JCB 540-140 (14M)

Introducing the JCB 540-140, a pinnacle of versatility and efficiency in material handling. Designed to exceed expectations, this telehandler boasts a maximum lift capacity of 4000 KG and a lift height of 13.78 metres, ensuring seamless operation in various construction and agricultural settings. With its advanced features like four-wheel steering and multiple attachment options, from forks to buckets, it offers unparalleled adaptability to diverse tasks. Equipped with a powerful JCB EcoMAX engine, it guarantees optimal performance while minimising fuel consumption and emissions. Built with durability and operator comfort in mind, the JCB 540-140 is a reliable partner for any job, delivering exceptional productivity and manoeuvrability with every lift.


10880 kg


6.23 m


2.35 m


2.59 m

Max Lifting Height

13.78 m

Max Lifting Weight

4000 kg

JCB 540-200 (20M)
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14 Metre Spec Sheet
14 Metre Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure