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JCB 535-95 (9.5M)

Introducing the JCB 535-95, a pinnacle of performance and versatility in the world of telehandlers. With its impressive 9.5-meter reach and lifting capacity of 3.5 tons, this machine redefines productivity on the job site. Engineered for optimal efficiency and reliability, the JCB 535-95 combines advanced technology, intuitive controls, and a spacious cab, ensuring comfort and precision for operators in any environment. Whether you’re loading, stacking, or manoeuvring in confined spaces, the JCB 535-95 delivers unparalleled versatility and power, making it the ultimate solution for a wide range of construction, agricultural, and industrial applications.


9140 kg


5.84 m


2.35 m


2.59 m

Max Lifting Height

9.5 m

Max Lifting Weight


JCB 540-200 (20M)
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9.5 Metre Spec Sheet
9.5 Metre Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure