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H44OP 2000L

Introducing the H44OP 2000L Poly water bowser, a durable and versatile solution for transporting and distributing water efficiently. Crafted from high-quality polyethylene material, this bowser ensures longevity and resilience against harsh environmental conditions. With a generous capacity of 2000 litres, it meets the demands of various applications, from agricultural use to construction sites and emergency response scenarios. Equipped with a heavy-duty galvanised chassis and robust wheels, it facilitates easy manoeuvrability across rugged terrain. The H44OP features a top-mounted pump with a flow rate of 2000 litres per hour, ensuring swift and effective water transfer. Additionally, its UV-stabilised construction prevents degradation from prolonged sun exposure, guaranteeing reliable performance over time. Whether for irrigation, firefighting, or general water transportation needs, the H44OP 2000L Poly water bowser stands as a dependable solution, combining durability, efficiency, and convenience.


2000 L


3.8 m


1.80 m


1.47 m

Dry weight

524 kg

Wet Weight

2524 kg

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H44OP 2000L – Spec Sheet
H44OP 2000L – Spec Sheet
Download Brochure
Download Brochure