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H20ART 2000L

The H20ART 2,000LTR Towable Fuel Bowser is a robust and versatile solution for efficient fuel transport and storage. Designed to meet the demands of various industries, this towable bowser boasts a 2,000 litre capacity, making it ideal for large-scale operations. It features a durable galvanised steel frame, high-quality fuel pump, and a lockable cabinet for secure storage of fuel dispensing equipment. The bowser is equipped with heavy-duty off-road tires, ensuring mobility across challenging terrains. Additionally, the H20ART Towable Fuel Bowser includes an integrated filtration system, automatic shut-off nozzle, and pressure relief valve, ensuring safe and clean fuel delivery. With its advanced engineering and rugged construction, this fuel bowser is an essential asset for efficient and reliable fuel management.


1940 L


3.52 m


1.67 m


1.73 m

Dry weight

999 kg

Wet Weight

2670 kg

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H20ART 2000L – Spec Sheet
H20ART 2000L – Spec Sheet
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Download Brochure