Fuel Supply Express Nottingham

We was asked by a leading midland Facilities Management Company if we could provide 24-7 cover of a maintenance of site generators and site diesel bowsers on a daily basis. This consists of:

  • Constant telephone calls at any time of the day on any day
  • Site visits in maintaining generators and fuel bowsers
  • 2 hour response to be on site after enquiry from the client

The average call we receive is a distressed client who needs a fuel bowser re fueling at 6am on a Sunday morning. We have had this contact for nearly 12 months and have always kept our client happy.

This goes to show that not all calls can be considered good business but we like to think as a forward thinking company that you have to look at the large picture if you want to grow your business.


Surface Area: 450,000 m2
Completed: 2014
Value: $10000

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