Site Generator GE 33 SSY

When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality 20kVA Universal Rental Solution our GE 20 SSY-MV has everything the market requires.



When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality 33kVA Universal Rental Solution look no further than our GE 33 SSY

• 33kVA Multi-Voltage AC Aux Power
• Linz alternator
• Yanmar diesel engine
• Exclusive MHM-Gen engine protection shutdown system
• 3 way fuel valve
• 12v battery isolator switch
• Emergency stop button
• Fully bunded base (110%)
• Engine oil drain pump Features
• Plenty of power to meet the demands of small to medium generator hire
• Heavy duty and proven reliability
• World class performance and watercooled
• In the case of low fuel, low oil pressure, high engine temp and battery charge failure
• Easy connectivity to external fuel tank
• Reduces flat battery breakdowns
• A must on any UK site
• To retain all spilt fluids
• Reducing service time

Spec Sheet