Light Tower X-Eco (M/H 4)

Towable Mobile Diesel Lighting Tower

When looking for an advanced, industry suited, extra fuel effi cient mobile lighting tower, look no further than our MHM Light Tower X-Eco (M/H-4)



  • An MHM Dusk ‘til Dawn Auto Stop/Start sensor
  • Allowing the lighting tower to start and stop from Dusk ‘til Dawn automatically, completely unmanned
  • AMOS system (Automatic Mast Operating Safety system)
  • Prevents towing of the machine when the mast is upright
  • 4 x 400W metal halide lighting head
  • Illuminates 4,000m2 @5 lux
  • 8.5m vertical stainless steel electric hydraulic mast
  • For quick and simple erection
  • 1kVA 240v Aux Power
  • Some extra power for onsite use
  • Linz alternator (3.5kVA)
  • Heavy duty and proven reliability
  • Kubota electric start diesel engine
  • Power, reliability & robust strength
  • MHM engine protection shutdown system
  • In the case of low fuel, low oil pressure and battery charge failure
  • Certified lifting eye + front and back fork pockets
  • For flexible and extra safe onsite lifting
  • Fully bunded base (110%)
  • To retain all spilt fluids
  • Complete on Road-tow trailer
  • For easy transport and onsite use

Spec Sheet