AV 130 X TIER 3

The Ammann AV 130 X Tier 3 Articulated Tandem Roller combines its operating weight of 13.080 kg with drum dimensions, frequencies and amplitudes to deliver optimum compaction results.

The roller has two frames connected by a double joint that enables crab steering on each side. Despite its size, the roller remains manoeuvrable with the help of its crab-steering system, which also helps the operator view the drum, sprinkler system and surfaces.

A unique propulsion system drives the roller. The power train is situated in the rear frame. Independent pumps for drive and vibration provide optimal traction and compaction force.



  • ACEforce compaction control system
  • Integrated ROPS
  • Excellent view to drum surface, edges and sprinkling system
  • Rotating/sliding seat
  • 2 drive levers for easy operation
  • Cabin isolated from heat and vibration
  • 2 amplitudes and frequencies
  • Balanced drum dimensions
  • Reliable, long-life vibration system
  • Large water tanks
  • Independent, double-pump system drum drives
  • Excellent traction, even in difficult terrain
  • Double joint enables crab steering
  • Steering angle and compact design for manoeuvrability
  • Convenient access to service points and fluid ports

Spec Sheet