Frequently Asked Questions

A typical hire day is 24hrs but the equipment may be collected 24hrs or later after it has been off-hired.

We do try our best to meet all customer requirements, however based on the limited number of delivery spaces available each day it is not always possible. In general the more notice we have for the hire the greater chance we are able to meet you specific timing requirements. We aim to be as accommodating as possible and the same applies where a piece of equipment is required at all times throughout the day.

Driver’s working hours are usually more limited at weekends so collections are usually more difficult. However where prior arrangement is possible, we will aim to meet the customers needs, as we understand the deadlines of working within the construction industry and that working around the clock is sometimes required. Please contact us to discuss if you have any specific requirements around this.

The delivery charges do vary dependent on length of transportation and the hiring of different equipment types. Larger plant and lifts for example, may prove to be more expensive, as will require larger trucks, which use more fuel. We generally swallow most of the transport costs, but  we do have to cover the fuel cost. The heavier the load and further we have to travel the more expensive it is likely to be. For a more accurate transport cost, for an individual hire please contact the hire desk to discuss with one of our dedicated staff.

We are in the hire industry and understand that sometimes accidents happen. We send out mostly new equipment, which will be in good working order and each piece is inspected upon collection. We will immediately be able to notice any substantial damage, but If there is light damage, such as a scratch, we will most likely overlook and deal with ourselves. However, more obvious damage will be assessed for repair and an invoice will be sent for said damages in most situations.

The person that hires the equipment is responsible for the insuring of the equipment. If hiring for domestic use, please check your household insurance is able to cover this. We do recommend taking out specific hire insurance to make sure that you are fully covered for theft and severe damage.

Most of the smaller equipment can be operated on a standard UK drivers license but for larger equipment you may need to hire an operator that has the right license and tickets etc. If working on a construction site for somebody else you will more than likely need to hold a CPCS or CMPE.  Please contact our hire desk to discuss individual needs and whether the machine you require does or doesn’t need an operator or working tickets.

We will run through how to operate the equipment upon delivery and one of professional staff members will be happy to discuss all the controls to ensure safe operation. If you experience any concerns or struggle with the job, contact us for further advice or the possibility of hiring an operator.

If you have any access issues, we will where possible offer advice over the phone or we will send an expert staff member around for an onsite inspection. We will be able to advise on the right piece of equipment for the right job. Points to consider is relation to this are how high is the working area? How deep do i need to dig? How wide is the gap it needs to fit through? It may be possible to downsize the equipment based on the measurements.



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