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Please enclose a copy letterhead - All sections must be completed in full before application can be accept

Insurance Information

Insurance Broker Details

Please Provide Copy Insurance Certificate For :

Hired In Plant Insurance/Contractors All Risks Insurance.

If Driving Vehicles Or Plant On Public Highways Please Provide Copy Insurance Certificate For:

Comprehensive Road Risk Insurance

Dear Sir/Madam,
Re : Hired In Plant Insurance
Please accept this letter as confirmation that we authorise Green Power Services Ltd approach our insurers / insurance borkers to obtain required insurance information relating to the hire by us of plant / vehicles.
We are also aware of our legal responsibilities that if any item of road registered plant is hired in excess of 14 days it is our responsibility to ensure that the Motor Insurer's Database (MID) is advised accordingly.
Yours faithfully
for and on behalf of

Hire, Goods & Services

We hereby request the company to provide good and/or services subject to company’s conditions of business including those listed below.
1.All plant hired under constructon plant hire association conditions (CPA july 2011). These terms and conditions willapply in preference to offered or relied on by the hired. Clause 21 applies for all weekly hires.
2.Full terms available from our head office upon request.
3.Punctures and type damage is the responsibility of hirer.
4.All Damages are chargeable to hirer.
5.Hirer to insure comprehensively against third party loss and all other risks.
6.Hirer is responsible for health and safety weekly inspections.
7.Green power service LTD operate a strict credit limit with all its customer. If you exceed your limit at anytime you agree to pay sufficient funds to bring your.
8.Account balance below your credit limit. We reserve the right to withdraw credit faclities if these terms are not adhered to.
9.If you do not exceed your credit limit our credit terms are strictly 30 days net end of month.
10.Queries to be notified to head office within ten days from date of invoice.
11.If any item of road registered plant is hired for in excess of 14 days it is the customer responsibility to ensure that the motor insurer's database (MID) is advised accordingly.

Declaration :
This application is to be signed by a Director of the company only. It may be the case that the credit it facility may only be granted if a personal guarantee is entered into. If this is the case, we will advise you separately.By signing this document you are only bingding your company to Ardent Terms and Conditions.

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